Sunday at Michael’s Cafe

koz-chiz.jpgKozue came in, bringing some interesting pickled ingredients for us to test. And had a taste of Chizuko’s apple pie cups. Verdict: she liked.
group.jpgHere’s Chizuko entertaining being entertained by our guests.Rio1.jpgWe made a new friend! This is Rio, with her mom. Rio is 8 years old, speaks good English, and likes cookies. They’re originally from Japan’s Akita prefecture.IMG_6127.jpgRio told me about the Namahage (生剥) folklore native to Akita.


A dancing drummer wearing a Namahage costume, performed Namahage-Daiko in Akita Station. Photo by  by Akira Kouchiyama

Straw_namahage.2.jpgMore (in English) about the Namahage legend herewontonapp-pie-cupChizuko made more apple pie cups, with cranberry and walnuts. And brownies, and pancakes. uni-pancake.jpgUni and I like it when the kitchen makes mistakes, we get to eat them! Here’s Uni with a liberated pancake.cuz.jpgThis is Chizuko’s cousin Sonoko, who helped us in the kitchen this weekend. Sat-morning-crewWe also had special help from Shoko this weekend. IMG_6135.JPGBesides good organizational skills, Shoko has excellent handwriting.SanaeAlso helping us this weekend was Sanae. She taught us a few things about baking!IMG_6140.JPGMore of my favorite customers, with their best Sunday smiles. melting-snow.jpg Only three weeks ago Tono was as cold as the north pole! Now the snow is melting, and the weather is clear and much warmer. It’s surprisingly pleasant, after the long winter.

We’ll be back Wednesday! We’re closed Monday & Tuesday. But with spring coming, our hours might change. See you next week!

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