The Week That Was Golden


Golden Week brought many new faces, and lots of good food and celebration. We’re still new (only about ten weeks!) so this was our first test serving Tono during a busy holiday.


Cold beer and iced coffee, now available, and free WiFi, too. There’s lots more pictures from last week in the Cafe Gallery.


We survived, thanks to the help of new #TeamMichael helpers in the kitchen and behind the counter, most of them family members! Pictured here is Akemi, in the middle, Chizuko, and Akemi’s daughter, our niece Emiri, who made a delicious chocolate lava cake. 


Chizuko’s parents are in town! They’ll be staying with us throughout May.


Also, welcoming new #TeamMichael member Yuriko, daughter of one of Chizuko’s cousins. We’ll be seeing more of Yuriko, behind the counter.


Popular new menu item: Hot Dogs!


We also had a visit from Natsuko and Joe, from Tokyo. Natsuko is Tada-san’s daughter, she’s #madeintono, and Joe is from Georgia. They’re newlyweds!


Enjoying our new outdoor tables is Ichriro and the gang, taking a break from Golden Week duties here in Tono.



Behold, the Genghis Dog! (hot dog made with lamb sausage) with ketchup and mustard, and a salad.


Also featuring ice cream parfait, with bananas, strawberries, whipped cream, and caramel sauce. It’s delicious.


And our always-popular brownies and chocolate chip cookies.


And here’s me, pouring coffee, taking pictures, and posting on Twitter.


We’ll be back on Wednesday! The new May Calendar is now posted, and there’s more Golden Week pictures at the Michael’s Cafe Gallery page.

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