Sunday Afternoon Movies at Michael’s Cafe


This Sunday’s movie was Mr. Baseball, a sentimental sports classic from 1992, starring Tom SelleckKen TakakuraAya TakanashiDennis HaysbertToshi ShioyaKosuke Toyohara … (see more). A joint U.S.-Japan production, rich in cross-cultural humor, Mr. Baseball is my favorite East-West comedy. 


Filming locations include Nagoya, Aichi, JapanMarchant Stadium, Lakeland, Florida, USAYankee Stadium – E. 161st Street & River Avenue, Bronx, New York City, New York, USA.


Here’s some photos from this week’s Sunday afternoon movie:

Have a movie to recommend? Let us know! If it’s available, let’s watch it together. We’ll try to show a movie every Sunday for the rest of the summer.

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