Michael’s Cafe Kitchen


Michael’s Cafe American opened March 3rd 2018, serving espresso beverages, specialty coffees, sandwiches, pies, cookies, as well as hosting seasonal events, in downtown Tōno, and for the nearby expat community in Iwate prefecture, Japan, for nearly four years.


We closed the Cafe November 30th, 2021, in order to begin a new project.

We began construction on Michael’s Cafe Kitchen in December, 2021, with the goal of bringing all our creative work in-house. With the advent of a custom-designed certified commercial kitchen, we’ll have the capacity to develop and promote American-themed food products. Many of them based on our popular menu items such as apple pie, chocolate chip cookies, as well as introduce new items; bread & butter chips, and other condiments, seasonings, sauces, and more. Set to launch in early 2022.

Michael’s Cafe American Archives


Here are some photos from the first few weeks we were open, spring 2018. More photos here.