[PHOTOS] Thanksgiving 2019

https://videopress.com/v/J3Ecu3li?preloadContent=metadata Fresh wood-smoked turkey + two more oven-baked turkeys! Dinner plate: Roast turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, green salad with balsamic vinegar-marinated red onions, sweet potato casserole with brown sugar and walnuts, bread stuffing with home-made pork sausage, celery, dried cranberries, walnuts, thyme and sage, and green bean casserole with home-made mushroom sauce, topped with … Continue reading [PHOTOS] Thanksgiving 2019

[PHOTOS +VIDEO] カちゃん Exhibition at Tono Station

  Licca-chan (リカちゃん, Rika-chan) display at Tono Station! The first model was released in July 1967 by toy manufacturer Takara Co. (now Tomy Co., better known as Takara Tomy). According to her character profile, she was born on May 3 to a French father and Japanese mother. Her full name is Licca Kayama. She is … Continue reading [PHOTOS +VIDEO] カちゃん Exhibition at Tono Station

Grilled Chicken & Burgers at Michael’s Cafe

ITALIAN BAR ITTEMICCA and Michael's Cafe American teaming up again to offer indoor and outdoor dining, for folks arriving in Tono this week for Obon (お盆). Featuring grilled hamburgers, made with the finest Tono beef, and chicken skewers on the grill, with hot sauce. Have you tried Tomo's custom-made hot sauce? You might need a … Continue reading Grilled Chicken & Burgers at Michael’s Cafe