[PHOTOS +VIDEO] カちゃん Exhibition at Tono Station

  Licca-chan (リカちゃん, Rika-chan) display at Tono Station! The first model was released in July 1967 by toy manufacturer Takara Co. (now Tomy Co., better known as Takara Tomy). According to her character profile, she was born on May 3 to a French father and Japanese mother. Her full name is Licca Kayama. She is … Continue reading [PHOTOS +VIDEO] カちゃん Exhibition at Tono Station

[VIDEO] Sea Cloud: The Movie

In honor of this summer's most popular iced coffee beverage, Michael's Cafe American proudly presents Sea Cloud, the movie! (okay it's not really a movie, it's only 42 seconds long, but if you drink as much coffee as I do, 42 seconds is a long time) Our Sea Cloud Iced Latte is made with fresh whole milk from local … Continue reading [VIDEO] Sea Cloud: The Movie

Now Available: Tono Coffee Roasters’ Sampler Package

Just in time for the August travel season, when lots of people from all over Japan come to visit, 遠野市観光協会/Tono Tourist‏ debuts this special sampler package featuring 3 local  handcraft coffee roasters, Mamehiko, Tono General Store, and our own Black Ship Coffee. Stop by the Tourist Information Center to find out more. https://www.facebook.com/tonojikan.jp/posts/1570535016426001

Grilled Chicken & Burgers at Michael’s Cafe

ITALIAN BAR ITTEMICCA and Michael's Cafe American teaming up again to offer indoor and outdoor dining, for folks arriving in Tono this week for Obon (お盆). Featuring grilled hamburgers, made with the finest Tono beef, and chicken skewers on the grill, with hot sauce. Have you tried Tomo's custom-made hot sauce? You might need a … Continue reading Grilled Chicken & Burgers at Michael’s Cafe

Sunday Afternoon Movies at Michael’s Cafe

This Sunday's movie was Mr. Baseball, a sentimental sports classic from 1992, starring Tom Selleck, Ken Takakura, Aya Takanashi, Dennis Haysbert, Toshi Shioya, Kosuke Toyohara ... (see more). A joint U.S.-Japan production, rich in cross-cultural humor, Mr. Baseball is my favorite East-West comedy.  Filming locations include Nagoya, Aichi, Japan, Marchant Stadium, Lakeland, Florida, USA, Yankee Stadium - E. 161st Street & River Avenue, … Continue reading Sunday Afternoon Movies at Michael’s Cafe

‘American Day’ in Tono

It's American Day in Tono today, July 21st. Statue of Ichiro! Thanks to Chiemi for taking and sharing snapshots from the event! We didn't get to attend, because we're at the Cafe! But we enjoyed seeing some of the attendees, like this mom and daughter. 

[VIDEO] Tono Chefs at Hotel Aeria

This week Michael's Cafe American partnered with Italian Bar Ittemicca, On-Cafe, NoTo General Store, and other Tono restaurants to serve dishes featuring our finest local ingredients to attendees of a JCI event, July 7th at Aeria Hotel. Also in attendance were dancers, lions, drummers, and other assorted traditional Japanese performers. What did we serve? Chicken … Continue reading [VIDEO] Tono Chefs at Hotel Aeria