[PHOTOS] Thanksgiving 2019

Fresh wood-smoked turkey + two more oven-baked turkeys!
Dinner plate: Roast turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, green salad with balsamic vinegar-marinated red onions, sweet potato casserole with brown sugar and walnuts, bread stuffing with home-made pork sausage, celery, dried cranberries, walnuts, thyme and sage, and green bean casserole with home-made mushroom sauce, topped with fried onions, fresh-made cranberry sauce, and a dinner roll. For dessert, Chizuko’s apple pie, pumpkin mini-pies, plus a cheesecake and lovely home-made mini-apple pies, courtesy of Stephanie and Heidi. [photo by Michael Lai]

A special shout out to guests Aaron Hunt, Heidi Lange, Stephanie Wollmann, M.K. Greening, Shalaya Poster, Stephen Torres, and others who brought additional desserts, cocktail ingredients, candies, savory side dishes (like Aaron’s chili!) and Shalaya’s help coordinating, and Yoshie’s help serving.

(If we missed anyone, or misspelled a name, let us know!)

We were over capacity! A very special thanks to Chef Chizuko for majority of the food planning and prep, the fabulous casseroles, and pies.

Thanksgiving 2019 was a lot of fun, thanks to all ya’ll Americans in nearby towns who drove to Tono to celebrate with us!

Did anyone else take photos? If so, please send some!

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